Dark Fluid

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Dark Fluid
Dark Fluid
Increases Distance of Evade and Combat Slide by 15% and reduces the cost by 20%. Lasts 60m and will stay in effect after death.

Only one Concoction may be active at a time.
"The sludge inside reeks like molding compost. Why would anyone consume this?

Maybe the Drzyr didn't have a sense of smell."[sic]
“Hydraclyspalpoate, commonly called Flare, is an engine residue—a byproduct of Xul propulsion technology. It became popular among the Ofildi as an analeptic but was declared illegal in the wake of several Flare-related deaths.”

The Dark Fluid is a Consumable Concoction in Remnant 2. It is a container of 'Flare,' an illicit Drzyr drug created by scraping residue from N'Erud's engines.

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  1. This item must be acquired before it can be purchased from Mudtooth.