Star Shot

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Star Shot
Star Shot
  • Damage22
  • RPS2.5
  • Magazine10
  • Accuracy
  • Ideal Range
  • Falloff Range
  • Max Ammo
  • Critical Hit Chance
  • Weak Spot Damage Bonus
  • Stagger Modifier
Fires a fast moving projectile which explodes on contact. Explosion has no damage falloff.
Big Bang
Funnels all current Mod Charges into the next shot. Projectile deals 65 - 195 direct damage and 65 - 195 Explosive damage per Charge consumed in a 5m radius. Explosion applies 75 - 225 BURNING damage over 10s per Charge consumed.

Additional Charges consumed increase all damage by 5%. Max 5 Charges.

Mod Power Requirement: 420
The name of this weapon is no embellishment. From a technical perspective, it uses gravitic rails to launch microminiaturized spheroids of plasma—literal tiny stars.
“Shortly after N'Erud's christening, Caid Jaru and I stood within the Core Observatory, watching the star at N'Erud's center glow and burn. He mused—in jest I thought—about creating smaller such stars, the kind one might hold in the palm of their hand. 'What kind of gods could we be?' he wondered.

I have sinced learned that Jaru never jests.”

Star Shot is a Special Handgun in Remnant 2 that fires projectiles that explode when collided. The mod power uses potentially multiple mod charges to empower its next shot, increasing the damage for each charge added.

Upgrades[edit | edit source]

Main article: Damage

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • This Handgun's primary fire's explosion and its Weapon Mod, Big Bang, are both affected by the Amplitude Trait.
  • Star Shot shots consist of two elements; projectile that deals physical damage and the explosion that deals Explosive Damage. Each one deals damage on is own which means the gun's damage is effectively doubled.
    • The explosion part of each shot, like all explosions, can't hit Weakspots.
  • The BURNING damage of Big Bang is affected by mod damage, applying it multiplicatively to All Damage, Status Damage, and Elemental Damage. This is not reflected in the description of the mod.

Acquisition[edit | edit source]

Steps to Acquire

Five Supply Caches will be scattered around the overworld. You must interact with all of them.

  1. Head to the Dark Conduit and fight your way through.
  2. Realign the loose battery to restore power to the facility.
  3. With power restored, a ship will begin to collect any Supply Caches you have located.
  4. The fifth and final cache will contain Star Shot.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Even after its mod cost reduction in patch 417,127, Big Bang remains the most expensive mod in the game at 2100 total mod power cost for 5 charges.

Update History[edit | edit source]

  • Increased reload speed.
  • Reduced Big Bang mod power requirement to 420 (was 630).