Lore: Epirus Calca

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“Epirus Calca, Oracle Primus, House Wek.”

“To my fellow Drzyr, all who live and may yet live in whatever days are still to come.”

“My people, we stand together in ash and humility.”

“We who have mastered space and time, who harness the very stars and perceive the threads of creation, now waver upon the precipice of a truth that even the wisest of us could not foresee.”

“We find ourselves both vital and insignificant. In the face of what we see, is it not the height of arrogance to believe we could ever master it?”

“How can we behold such grandeur and not be moved to our knees?”

“We are witness to the crux of all things, the nexus of time and space, every innumerable element of creation.”

“Such wonder is immune to comprehension, preternatural in scope; it is the harrow by which all reality is rent and sown.”

“It will consume us. And we shall be grateful.”