Lore: Love Lorn

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“Cherished Zianee.”

“It matters little. The expression is the point. And if it does reach you, may it grant you some measure of joy... and closure.”

“I've spent the better part of two centuries trying to understand your decision to leave N'Erud, to live with a dying sun and a finite existence instead of our eternal light.”

“I thought your decision nihilistic, rebellious perhaps—a means to escape the endless expanse or, on my most bitter days, a naïve attempt to relive our homeworld.”

“But I have witnessed the Seat of Creation, studied its secrets. I think I am beginning to understand.”

“Nothing is eternal. The Drzyr, N'Erud, even Alepsis-Taura itself... all will pass eventually.”

“To exist is finite. Does the quantity of life matter, then, or... or the quality?”

“I see now you chose what was meaningful to you—a world, a sun, the remnants of our homeworld fauna. To do what? I know now that it doesn't matter.”

“To live.”

“I wish we could have shared this life. I am content with my choice as I trust you are with yours. But I wish our choices could have aligned.”

“If there is life after—something beyond Alepsis-Taura, time, and entropy—perhaps we can make choices anew.”

“Until then.”