The Labyrinth

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The Labyrinth
The mysterious Labyrinth connects all worlds. Inhabited only by its guardians and The Keeper it holds many secrets.
This page is about The Labyrinth in gameplay. For the lore of The Labyrinth, see Lore: The Labyrinth

The Labyrinth is one of the worlds in Remnant 2 and can only be visited in the Campaign. It is a static location that will always contain the same enemies, world boss, aberrations, and equipment. Players will automatically travel to The Labyrinth when interacting with a World Stone after defeating their first World Boss. The Labyrinth contains portals that will allow the player to travel to Losomn, N'Erud, and Yaesha; whichever 2 worlds the player did not start in during their campaign.

The Labyrinth also contains portals to a secret area in Ward 13 and The Backrooms.

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