Council Chamber/Council Tribunal

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Council Tribunal
Council Tribunal

The Council Tribunal is a dark mirror image of the Council Chamber.

The area is constrained to the main hall. Going down the stairs past some Armored Fae Soldiers and Fae Archers will lead the Traveler towards the council seats, empty on this side. After dispatching the Fae Scion and Royal Fae Archers guarding the room, a puzzle must be solved to open the door to the One True King's throne room. Matching the placements of the High Councilor's Keys at the base of the seats to that of their reflections will open the way.

Within, the motionless king will be found. Climbing the left side of his throne puts the Assassin's Seal within reach; and embedded in the monarch's neck, the Traveler finds the evidence required: the Assassin Dagger.

Once the Traveler turns to leave, an ambush is sprung: several Fae Soldiers and a few Royal Fae Archers appear. After fending them of, it is time to return to the Council.

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