Alien Device

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Alien Device
Alien Device
"Caliper" isn't quite the right term for this instrument, but "magic wand" seemed too fantastic a term. The measurements it makes are performed at a subatomic level, in units that don't even exist in human tongues.
“Whereas the Astropaths set our sights outward, the Xul looked inward. Stars, machines, animals, Drzyr—we are all made of the same fundamentals. We may be stardust with the ability to think about itself, but we are stardust all the same.

Therefore, if one can manipulate a single molecule, one can manipulate all of creation.”
This page refers to the crafting material. For the engram, visit Drzyr Caliper. For the archetype, visit Engineer.

The Alien Device is a crafting material in Remnant 2. It is an alien device once wielded by the Drzyr, though its inner workings are a mystery.

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