Drzyr Caliper

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Drzyr Caliper
Drzyr Caliper
An otherworldly measuring device designed to find the smallest of imperfections. One of those imperfections seems to be human ingenuity.
“This is a Drzyr Caliper. I know that because it told me. Its calibrations are done at a subatomic scale while rearranging matter. Didn't even know what subatomic meant before picking up this thing. Seems like "caliper" isn't the term it wanted to use either but that's the best alternative it could find to fit our language and understanding.”
This page refers to the engram. For the crafting material, visit Alien Device. For the archetype, visit Engineer.

The Drzyr Caliper is an engram in Remnant 2. It is an alien caliper once used by the Xul to measure imperfections on a molecular level.

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