Way of Lydusa

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Way of Lydusa is the third and final skill available to the Invoker Archetype. It is unlocked at Level 10. It empowers melee and ranged damage to create sand devils through damage dealt or enemies killed, and increases the critical chance toward and critical damage taken on enemies. Any sand devils spawned can be detonated to blast enemies near them. While it comes with a long cooldown, the Invoker has methods of reducing cooldowns and increasing skill charges.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Way of Lydusa is affected by Amplitude and other AoE size increases.
  • Activating the skill releases a shockwave that deals very low damage, but has very high stagger values.
  • Reactivating the skill to use the Sand Blast will not end the skill. You can potentially fire several fully-stacked Sand Blasts over the duration.
  • When the skill's duration ends, a Sand Blast will automatically be fired using your remaining Sand Devils (if any remain).
  • Each skill reactivation triggers the Visionary prime perk. Although this does not reduce the cooldown of Way of Lydusa itself due to its active duration, this does reduce the cooldown of secondary archetype skills.
  • There are two steps to Sand Devil generation: applying BRITTLE, and damaging BRITTLE enemies. BRITTLE is applied by dealing ranged or melee damage, although Monolith's Sandstorm and Nebula's Nano-Swarm currently apply BRITTLE as well.
  • Sand Devil generation uses total damage dealt, rather than base damage dealt. This means that weakspot hits and crits will generate more Sand Devils, and damage bonuses will also contribute to faster generation.
    • Testing shows a sand devil will be produced from a BRITTLE target for every 300 damage dealt from it - this 300 can come from any number of damage instances. For instance, 10 hits for 300 will generate one; one hit for 200 and then one hit for 400 will generate none on the first and then two on the second.
  • This skill's cooldown will not begin until its duration ends.
  • BRITTLE duration is not affected by Affliction or Timekeeper's Jewel.
  • Unlike other damaging skills, damage dealt by the Sand Blast does not scale with power level.

Update history[edit | edit source]

  • Increased Critical Bonus Chance to 10% (was 5%).
  • Added Elemental Damage type for AOE blasts.
  • Now scales with Amplitude.
  • Enabled Sand Devils generation from Skill/Status Damage.

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