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“Sha'Hala, may the Guardian protect”
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Behavior[edit | edit source]

Sha'Hala may summon three lines of three hands, each group sweeping red beams across the platform, going from horizontal-left to vertical-middle to horizontal right.

A different group of nine hands can be summond to fire scatterings of crystal bursts in a random order, with the projectiles that stagger the Traveler.

The final base ability is four waves of homing barrages fired from the core, with the initial firing direction oscillating across waves.

Further, Sha'Hala may combine the projectile attacks with his lasers, using the beams as obstacles:

  • The first variant has five beams at ground level, acting as low fences. Meanwhile Sha'Hala will fire either three waves of crystal bursts from four summoned hands, or two homing barrages.
  • The second version has four hands do a vertical sweep from higher up, while the fifth, left most hand sweeps back and forth across the platform. Sha'Hala will summon either two waves of full crystal bursts, or release two homing barrages.

The hands used in several attacks can be attacked and destroyed, with damage done to them transferred to the guardian.

The duration of this first phase is limited. Sha'Hala suffers health decay, continously losing 1% of his health over roughly 5s.

Phase 2[edit | edit source]

Once Sha'Hala is brought down to 55% remaining health, any direct damage will seemingly kill him, only for it to reemerge from his singularity. In his second phase, the guardian will start out at 50% health, and no longer loses health over time—but also stops using both the sweeping laser and the laser fence.

The very first attack will see him roll in the air, slamming his massive tail onto the platform's center to stagger the Traveler. Meanwhile, several hands release crystal bursts, while two of Sha'Hala's main hands sweep massive beams vertically across on either side.

In return for losing the laser combinations, he gains two dangerous attacks utilizing the core.

  • The first has him move to one end of the platform, while several summoned hands begin firing crystal bursts. Once arrived, he places the core there as a vortex, steadily pulling the Traveler closer. He himself begins moving towards the other end of the platform, firing a massive beam from his chest, only stopping once past the Traveler.
  • The other variant has him place the vortex in the center of the arena, pulling the Traveler towards it while numerous crystal bursts are steadily emitted from the core, easily staggering foes into the damaging singularity.

Once brought down to 20% remaining health, Sha'Hala may raise the core into the air, repeatedly sweeping beams in an arc around it.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Sha'Hala: Guardian of N'Erud is immune to BURNING status effect, but Sha'Hala's Hands aren't. This is possibly a BUG.
  • Damage from the health decay or from attacking the summoned hands does not trigger the transition into phase 2.
    • It will however trigger anyway once the Guardian has lost all health.

Rewards[edit | edit source]