Lore: Apostech-Secundus Molto

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“Log of Apostech-Secundus Molto, House Al'Maruun.”

“I have secured the shields for each of the tombs as per the instruction of Primis Domum.”

“All systems are running nominally. I did detect some minor power fluctuations in a couple of the tombs, but Primis Domum assures me these are within acceptable tolerance level.”

“I was instructed to report to stasis. House Al'Maruun is to be stored in one of the upper stasis chambers.”

“I imagine the tombs themselves offer more protection than one of the stasis pods, so I've decided to stay here and monitor the systems on this tomb manually.”

“Perhaps I can make the difference between these Soul Sparks surviving versus perishing.”

Sha'Hala, may the Guardian protect.”