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“I seen how far your traveled to get here. I am the Oracle of the Dran, and in this space, there's very little I don't see.”
Dran Oracle, upon meeting the Traveler for the first time

The Dran Oracle is found within an orphanage in Losomn putting together a quilt. Being the Oracle of the Dran with a mouth sewn shut, she speaks through the orphans about a quilt, one of which seen on the floor of the orphanage. This quilt depicts specific events completed within the life of the Traveler, adding on as more are completed.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Lost Children[edit | edit source]

  • Two blind Dran Children can be found roaming around the city. If spoken to, the children will bow to the Traveler and return to the Orphanage.
    • After both children have been returned, speak to the Oracle to receive the Recovery Trait.

Oracle's Quilt[edit | edit source]

“Life's the quilt, and the quilt is life, and we're all a part of the patchwork. None can see the whole 'til the whole is done. All we can do is stitch it in, one patch at a time. There's patches what ain't been stitched in yet, but that don't make them less a part of the whole. It just means the quilt ain't finished.”
—Dran Oracle, explaining the nature of the world collision
  • There are twelve vacant spaces on the quilt, each of which corresponds to an event or boss in Losomn. After accomplishing one of these feats, a patch will be added to occupy a vacant space.
    • After six events are completed, speak with Dran Oracle to receive the Quilted Heart.
    • After all twelve events are completed, speak with Dran Oracle to recieve All-Seeing Eye.
Oracle's Quilt

Gallery[edit | edit source]