Lore: Tal'Ratha, Log 03

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The Custodian has sealed our doom. Its ineffable calculus has concluded N'Erud will be impervious to whatever powers Alepsis-Taura might bring to bear.”

“Those that wish to see their creator face to metaphysical face have taken this as a blessing and acted accordingly.”

“N'Erud's course has been set. Our doom is now inevitable.”

“I cannot foresee what will occur. I only know it will not end well for the Dryzr.”

“The Custodian's calculations may be rational enough, but they are incongruent with the foresight of the Astropaths- those for whom the ember has granted sight.”

“Alas, our insight is not enough to sway our people.”

“It is irrelevant now. I have been overruled, and there is nothing more we can do.”

“And perhaps I am wrong. Perhaps- although my very bones say otherwise- our creator awaits us within the black hole.”

“I truly hope so. But I do not believe it.”

“I work now to establish contingencies. I have protected my chambers against a variety of forces.”

“I will lock myself within along with any who would join me. With luck perhaps we might weather whatever may come.”

“We will have a limited amount of sustenance- unless we want to subsist on the ambit ember itself of course- but I suspect we need not hide for long.”

“We should know immediately, whether or not Alepsis-Taura will suffer us to live.”