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Lemark District
Lemark District

The Lemark District is a special location that appears together with Hewdas Clock, presenting itself as an additional side-dungeon somewhere on the map.

Description[edit | edit source]

Lemark District contains few enemies, with the entrance sometimes being patrolled by Dran Immolators and rarely a Fae Penitent.

There is only one path, leading down into the cellar of a burnt out ruin, where numerous clocks can be found. There is also a chest, as well as a Tome of Knowledge in a corridor on the right.

A note has been left by the keeper of Hewdas Clock, instructing his daughter to "look to the tower" in order to find its missing piece.

Matching the hands of the large house clock to that of the tower opens it, revealing the Clockwork Pinion, which can be used to restore the clocktower's mechanism.

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