Fae Penitent

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Fae Penitent
Fae Penitent
  • Damage20
  • Health325
  • icon0
  • icon10
  • icon0
  • icon-10
  • Experience Gain
  • Armor
  • Weakspot
  • World

Fae Penitents are powerful Fae pyromancers, roaming the ruins of Burning Cities, but can also be found in the Golden Halls.

Their standard attack is a fireball that inflict FAERIE FIRE. At close range, they can also do swipes with their staff.

Their most powerful ability has them channel their magic, sending out bouncing projectiles that leave FAERIE FIRE patches.

Their head is enclosed in an armored helmet, thus they have no weakspot.

Locations[edit | edit source]

  • Most commonly found in Burning Cities patrolling the enemy and appearing during enemy ambushes
  • Also appears in Golden Halls during enemy ambushes

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Wearing Crown of the Red Prince prevents the bouncing fireballs from making contact with the Traveler , although the pools of fire will still be created when they hit the ground.

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