Bandit Trousers

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Bandit Trousers
Leg Armor
Bandit Trousers
  • Armor13.6
  • Weight5.4
  • Bleed Resistance2
  • Fire Resistance0
  • Shock Resistance0
  • Corrosive Resistance2
  • Blight Resistance1
Consists of a pair of basic slacks and sturdy boots. While it may not offer much in terms of protection, it allows for easy movement and agility in the dangerous terrain of the ruined cityscapes. The simplicity of the design is a testament to the practicality of the bandits, who prioritize functionality over aesthetics.
“I wouldn't be caught dead in these. Those bandits cause nothing but misery and chaos for the innocent people trying to survive in what remains of this world.”

The Bandit Trousers are a light leg armor part of the Bandit set rewarded by completing the campaign on any difficulty, unlocking the ability to purchase the set on any character afterward.

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