Bandit Gloves

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Bandit Gloves
Glove Armor
Bandit Gloves
  • Armor6.8
  • Weight2.7
  • Bleed Resistance2
  • Fire Resistance0
  • Shock Resistance0
  • Corrosive Resistance2
  • Blight Resistance1
The bandit gloves are rough, patched together from scraps of leather and cloth, a testament to their owner's resourcefulness, and willingness to do whatever it takes to survive. Despite their rough and worn appearance, the gloves provide unexpected durability and protection amidst the unforgiving ruins of the city.
“I can't help but feel uneasy looking at these gloves, knowing they were once used to harm innocent people. It's a reminder that even in the midst of chaos and destruction, we must hold onto our humanity and resist the temptation to become monsters like those before us.”

The Bandit Gloves are a light glove armor part of the Bandit set rewarded by completing the campaign on any difficulty, unlocking the ability to purchase the set on any character afterward.

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