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In Remnant 2, special enemies such as Aberrations, Bosses and World Bosses spawn with modifiers. These modifiers are known as Affixes.

Difficulty[edit | edit source]

The number of affixes an enemy can spawn with is determined by its class and the difficulty setting:

Class Dififculty
Survivor Veteran Nightmare Apocalypse
Aberration 2 2 3 3
Boss 0 1 1 2
World boss 0 0 1 2

Simple Affixes[edit | edit source]

Simple Affixes can appear on Aberrations, Bosses and World Bosses. They are passive boosts.

Name Effect
Skullcracker Attacks deal additional stagger damage.
Vicious Attacks deal 15% increased damage.
Regenerator Passively regenerate health over time.
Spiteful Damage increases as health decreases, up to a maximum of +25%.
Drain Attacks gain lifesteal.
Hearty Max health is increased by 15%.
Thick Skin Reduces critical chance against this target by 10% and decreases incoming critical damage by 15%.
Elemental Resist Increases Resistance to FIRE, SHOCK, ACID, and BLEED by 25.
Unstoppable Immune to stagger damage.
Empathy[1] Recovers health over a short duration whenever a Relic is used.

Complex Affixes[edit | edit source]

Complex Affixes spawn only on Aberrations. They tend to add additional elements to combat via new attacks, environmental hazards, or summons.

Name Location Effect
Hexer Any Gains the ability to release a burst of homing projectiles, infused with a random element. Passively releases single projectiles upon taking damage. Releases a final burst of random projectiles on death.
Trapper[2] Any Creates a damaging field of corruption beneath the Traveler whenever they dodge. Neutral backstep and slide evades are unaffected.
Minions Any Summons two or three additional enemies as reinforcements. This can happen multiple times if these summons are killed. Reinforcements will always match the Aberration's biome.
Rat Swarm Losomn Summons several hostile Losomn Rats which scatter around the area and bite at foes. These rats can be killed.
Cubes Any Creates four damaging cubes that rapidly expand and spiral outwards.
Waller N'Erud Periodically creates destructible BARRIERS in random formations around the area.
Slow Puddles N'Erud Summons two or three destructible growths in the area, which periodically release SUPPRESSION fluid.
Cloner Any Creates an unarmed copy of the Traveler, which will attempt to fight them with their fists. This ability—telegraphed by a red aura around the Traveler—can be dodged to avoid the summoning of a clone.
Vortex Any Generates a gravity field that passively pulls entities towards itself. The strength of this effect can be temporarily increased using a unique attack.
Teleporter Any Periodically becomes surrounded by a distortion effect. If damaged during this time, it will teleport to a random location nearby.
Displacer Any Teleports the Traveler to a nearby location, often in melee range. This ability—telegraphed by a purple aura around the Traveler—can be dodged to avoid being teleported.
Shocking Any Calls down lightning strikes, inflicting OVERLOADED.
Enchanter Yaesha Summons explosions that track the Traveler. When detonated, they leave behind clouds of smoke that inflict ROOT ROT.
Root Grab Yaesha Creates numerous Root Snares in the area. Stepping into one forces the Traveler into a quick time event until they free themselves or are hit by an enemy.
Bursting Losomn Releases bouncing projectiles that burst, creating a pool of FAERIE FIRE.
Vanguard Losomn Summons several corrupted copies of Fae Knights. The copies will use one or two attacks before dissipating.
Toxic Losomn Can spew a stream of acid that inflicts CORRODED. These acid pools are flammable and will burst into FAERIE FIRE if ignited.
Empower Any Gains a damage buff whenever the Traveler uses a Skill.
Detonate Any Lost health is stored, signified by an intensifying flicker. Once the value reaches 20% max health, it resets and a massive explosion is triggered. If not damaged further, the stored value decays over time.
Sand Guard Yaesha Summons two destructible sand sentries. The sentries shoot projectiles and can be destroyed.
Stampede Yaesha Periodically summons deer that attack the Traveler.

Clarifications[edit | edit source]

  1. This is listed as a Complex affix in the files.
  2. On Apocalypse difficulty, this affix can spawn on the Sunken Witch. It cannot spawn on any other Boss or World Boss.