Void Greaves

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Void Greaves
Leg Armor
Void Greaves
  • Armor31.8
  • Weight14.2
  • Bleed Resistance0
  • Fire Resistance2
  • Shock Resistance2
  • Corrosive Resistance3
  • Blight Resistance0
A sturdy pair of footwear, expertly crafted from the same unknown material as the other Void armor pieces. Their anguler design and jagged edges give their wearer an intimidating and fearsome look. But these boots are more than just a fashion statement—they provide unparalleled protection and stability in the treacherous environments of Rhom.
“Every time I look at these boots, I'm reminded of the horrors I faced on Rhom. I wouldn't dare set foot on that planet again, not even with these boots on. They may look like they were pulled straight from a nightmare, but the memories they bring back are too real.”

Acquisition[edit | edit source]

  • Automatically unlocked for owners of the Deluxe or Ultimate Edition.
  • Purchased from Whispers in Ward 13 for 825.
    • Completing the campaign on any difficulty will unlock this item for purchase on all characters.

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