Space Worker Mask

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Space Worker Mask
Space Worker Mask
  • Armor7
  • Weight2.8
  • Bleed Resistance1
  • Fire Resistance0
  • Shock Resistance2
  • Corrosive Resistance2
  • Blight Resistance0
People (Mudtooth mostly) tell stories of how, before the Root, humans could fly into space. It's probably not true, but if it were, they'd need something like this to keep them alive out there.
“As an Astropath, I have never been outside N'Erud's shell myself. That was the domain of Xul and Ofildi. That is not to say I have not seen the void. I see everything, but what others call void is, to me, an infinite dance of force and light.”

Acquisition[edit | edit source]

  • N'Erud, Void Vessel Facility. Found behind a locked door on the second floor of the first room.
    • You will find the Stasis Pod Glyph on the body of a Drzyr Zombie trapped in a stasis pod somewhere in the facility. Interact with the nearby console to release it. Use the Glyph to unlock the door.

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