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Rewards[edit | edit source]

Steps to unlock

Look for loose wood and a wooden pallet partially covering a hole in the wall. Destroying this debris will reveal a hidden entrance leading through a short tunnel to an opening with a ladder up to a roof top.

On the roof top, look to your left to see a box you can climb up leading to another rooftop. Climb to the peak and then move down to the left where you can drop down to a ledge and then again to be inside the fenced area.

You will see an item at the far end. Moving towards this will spawn Faerie Familiar (Enemy) who will attack you.

Once clear you can collect the Cleansing Stone item and the Wooden Box quest item. Inspecting the Wooden Box in your inventory will reveal the Effigy Pendant inside and remove the box from your inventory.

Gallery[edit | edit source]