Mudtooth's Stew

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Mudtooth's Stew
Mudtooth's Stew
Increases Max Stamina by 20. Lasts 60m and will stay in effect after death.

Only one Concoction may be active at a time.
This stew's appearance is quite opaque, with a thick and brown texture that keeps its contents a mystery. However, the potent medicinal scent emanating from it suggests that it's no ordinary stew.
“Sit down now and let me tell ya somethin'. I got tales to spin and stew to serve, and this ain't no ordinary stew mind ya. I reckon the recipe for this here concoction came to me in a vision, or was it a dream? Either way, it's[sic] mighty powerful palate pleaser!”

Acquisition[edit | edit source]

Update History[edit | edit source]

  • Reducted max stamina bonus to 20 (was 25).