Lore: Tal'Ratha, Log 04

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“With respect, Magister, everything that remains of the Drzyr lies within this chamber. The utility of these records is... debatable.”

[sigh] “Very well. You pursue your given purpose as I pursue my own. I can hardly fault you for that. I will indulge.”

“What is Alepsis-Taura? Those who might have attained firsthand knowledge have been swallowed by it, but I too have seen it... in what way is available to me.”

“Within your body, the paths of blood vessels- no matter where you start or which direction you take- all lead to the same point. A singular, beating heart. So it is with Alepsis-Taura.”

“It is the beating heart of the universe, but it is so much more. There is the taste of... artifice about it. Intelligence.”

“Perhaps Alepsis-Taura is that intelligence. Or perhaps it is merely an agent of it. I know not for certain.”

“I do know there is volition behind it. The Drzyr were born of this volition as light is born of a star.”

“Yet now, as the universe grows dark and cold, that intelligence has no further need for us. We are to be... undone.” Not destroyed. Indeed, this intelligence bears little thought toward us at all. We will simply cease, like a dream upon waking, as though we were never real to begin with.”

“That is if we do nothing. Or if the Custodian has his way, we will jump back into that beast and be consumed like our breathren. But I have another way.”

“The ambit ember has shown me everything. I know how to preserve the Drzyr no matter what the Custodian or Alepsis-Taura might do.”

“Enough. We should begin immediately. Awaken the others. The shields of these chamber will have sprared them the horrors of Alepsis Taura, as it did for you and I.”

“Bring them before me, one by one. I will explain to each what I have seen. I will explain what must be done. And one by one, they will make a choice.”

“And when I have spoken with the last, then you too will come to me, Magister.”

“And you, too, will make a choice.”