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The Dran are the original inhabitants of the merged world Losomn.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Visually they are humanoid, with the notable exception of pointed ears and pale, sallow skin. They have a vaguely British accent. Most Dran are seen wielding firearms or farming implements. In some cases they are seen in larger forms. When on the Forlorn coast the Dran sometimes turn into Forgotten Dran, which have a much more frog-like appearance to them and are covered in exploding postules.

According to the prerelease devblogs, all Dran are part of a hivemind due to the Fae and Dran worlds merging. In practice, this seems closer to a collective unconscious. Dran can be individually thought of as either awake or asleep, with most enemy Dran being asleep. While asleep they are directed by the collective unconscious will and are unified in whatever they are trying to do. Awakened Dran are considered insane by their fellows, and are usually killed, sent to the insane asylum, or find ways to escape the other Dran.

This dual state is mostly referenced through the Dran's ability to "see" into nearby worlds while awake. Awakened Dran are more aware of things the shouldn't normally be able to see, such as the Fae who are normally cloaked in glamours. The Dran Oracle takes this one step further and seems to be able to see into alternate realities, or at least be aware of them as they are happening.

Certain Dran on the Forlorn coast are capable of using magic, which forms the basis of the Ritualist archetype players can use. This magic is older than the Fae/Dran merge, and seems to center around rot, decay and entropy, so dark that even other awakened Dran try to avoid Dran ritualists.

Notable Dran[edit | edit source]