Lore: Dran Oracle

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Dran Oracle
Dran Oracle

The Dran Oracle, or the Oracle of the Dran, is a center point for the Dran collective consciousness. She cannot speak normally, but can speak through the various orphans under her care. When asked if the children have a choice in this, the Oracle states that they do so out of their own free will. Similarly she can see through the eyes of all of the Dran, allowing her a degree of omnipotence when it comes to the welfare of the Dran as a whole.

She takes the form of an ancient crone, and is much taller than the Traveler, though she is hunched over her spinning wheel while speaking to them. Her mouth and eyes have been sewn shut, but this doesn't seem to hamper her ability to see.

When speaking to the player character she talks about being able to see the "stitches in the world". During her time working on the quilt, she notes that Travelers actions are allowing her to stitch the two worlds of Losomn together, stabilizing the way the Fae and the Dran interact with each other.