Elder Raiment

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Elder Raiment
Body Armor
Elder Raiment
  • Armor29.6
  • Weight12
  • Bleed Resistance0
  • Fire Resistance4
  • Shock Resistance0
  • Corrosive Resistance2
  • Blight Resistance4
A distinctive piece of protective gear originating from Yaesha. Its vibrant red color and fur adornments make it stand out, serving as a symbol of the wearer's status and skill. While it may not provide as much protection as some other types of armor, its lightweight construction and flexible design allow for exceptional mobility and ease of movement in combat.
“While I'm not entirely sold on its protective qualities, I can't deny the impressive mobility it offers.”

Acquisition[edit | edit source]

  • Automatically unlocked for owners of the Deluxe or Ultimate Edition.
  • Purchased from Whispers in Ward 13 for 1,150.
    • Completing the campaign on any difficulty will unlock this item for purchase on all characters.

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