Dran Demolisher

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Dran Demolisher
Dran Demolisher
  • Damage30
  • Health750
  • icon10
  • icon0
  • icon0
  • icon0
  • Experience Gain
  • Bleed Critical Chance
  • World

Dran Demolishers are large Dran that wield a motorized saw.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

They can swing the massive tool surprisingly quickly, allowing them to slash targets in front or behind their backs. They may raise the saw to their chest and charge, easily staggering the Traveler. The grab can easily be mistaken for it, where they raise ethe saw to hip level and charge, only to chain into an overhead slam. A hit triggers a quick time event, instantly killing the Traveler on failure.

Lastly, they can spread their weapon's exhaust fumes in a large area, forcing the Traveler into a coughing animation.

Even when they do not attack their saw is dangerous; as long as it is spinning it does small tick damage, giving Demolishers one of the most consistent BLEED sources among enemies. Thankfully it stalls roughly every 19s, forcing the Demolisher to restart the motor.

Their weakspot is the head, but their movement often obscures it behind the armored saw.

Locations[edit | edit source]

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