Bone Harvester's Lair

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Bone Harvester's Lair is home of the Albino Bone Harvester, which can be visited after being snatched through sewer grates throughout Losomn. There are two variations of the lair, one found in the streets of Losomn in Morrow Parish or Ironborough, and the other in Losomn Sewers, both offering unique rewards. Being grabbed in the streets will ultimately lead to unlocking the Alchemist archetype, while the sewers will offer the Drakestone Pearl and Academic set

When walking near a sewer grate in Morrow Parish or Ironborough, a Albino Bone Harvester may drag the player into its lair. Slaying this beast rewards the Mysterious Stone.

Kidnapping animation

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • This injectable is special in that it can appear alongside any of the regular injectables of the Losomn Sewers.
    • It is however not guaranteed to be present in given roll of Losomn, even if eligible dungeons generate.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Street variant[edit | edit source]

Sewer variant[edit | edit source]