Academic's Overcoat

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Academic's Overcoat
Body Armor
Academic's Overcoat
  • Armor49.2
  • Weight20.8
  • Bleed Resistance2
  • Fire Resistance0
  • Shock Resistance0
  • Corrosive Resistance6
  • Blight Resistance3
Donning this uniform makes you feel a touch smarter, and you can't help but straighten the necktie whenever it slips loose.
“No matter what gets you down, dear, make sure you always look right presentable. Tie your cravat nice and neat every morn, and the rest of the day will follow its lead.”

The Academic's Overcoat is a medium body armor part of the Academic set found from the Monster in the Sewer event involving the Manticora hidden behind sewer grates. It is the starting helmet for the Alchemist archetype.

Acquisition[edit | edit source]

  • Losomn, Monster in the Sewer Event. This event can spawn in any Sewer[1] tileset.
    • When walking near a sewer grate in any of the aforementioned areas, a Manticora may drag the player into its lair. The armor will be found on the body of the beast's previous victim.
  • Starting equipment for the Alchemist.

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