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“Tal'Ratha spent eons in his chamber, the last one of his kind—the last of any sentient life in his entire universe. How can that have any effect but driving a person insane?”
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Behavior[edit | edit source]

Tal'Ratha's Refuge is suffused by Ambit Ember fumes. While inside his arena, the Traveler benefits from an unlimited version of the buff. Using the consumable does not have any additional effect.

One of his first acts once the Traveler enters his arena is a psionic throw, gathering debris above himself before hurling it at them. Alternatively he may tear a stasis capsule from the walls, with this projectile spawning a Hollowed Drzyr on impact.

While there are 4 Hollowed on the field he will usually not summon more.

To close the distance, Tal'Ratha will drop close to the ground, before charging at his foe with an open maw. Once close enough he will finish with a final lunge.

In melee he often relies on a three hit combo of wide swings, first with his left and right, culminating in a slam.

If a target is too close for his liking he will thrust his gut forward, knocking them backwards.

If the Traveler has gotten to his flanks or if he simply wishes to reposition he may roll to his side, inflicting damage in a surprisingly large area.

Targets behind him will be punished either by a wide turning swing, or a simply kick with one of his legs.

Foes at medium distance will be pursued with a leaping slam, causing a shockwave covering the entire arena.

Alternatively he may regurgitate the contents of his stomach, covering large patches of ground in SUPPRESSION puddles, as well as spawning a Hollowed Drzyr towards the end of the attack.

Dealing 15% of his total health directly to his gut causes a guaranteed stun once every attempt, leaving him sprawled on the floor with an open maw.

Fight Progression[edit | edit source]

Initially he will prefer to only throw single projectiles, but in the later stages of the fight he will chain two successive throws.

At 80% remaining health or below he will use his vortex inhale. Any Hollowed Drzyr in front of him will be drawn into his maw, healing him for 3% of his health. The Traveler will also be pulled closer, and—if they get too close—will be subjected to a grab attack in the form of a bite.

If the pull was successfully resisted or otherwise avoided, Tal'Ratha will directly continue into his regurgitation attack, which now also spawns an additional Hollowed closer to the middle of the move.

Causing enough weakspot damage during the inhale will stun him, cancelling the attack.

During the inhale he will also become empowered by the Ambit Ember fumes. This is signified by a buff underneath his healthbar, with a maximum duration of 40s. He will not use the inhale ability again until the buff has expired.

This psionic empowerment comes into play in the final ability he unlocks, at 65%. Periodically he will focus, becoming stationary. He will send out four waves of aggressively homing psionic orbs, with the first two waves consisting of 2 projectiles, while the latter consist of 3 projectiles.

The projectiles can be shot to explode in a small area, potentially taking out the other projectiles as well.

During his inhale ability, the Traveler may throw the Poisoned Ambit Ember Capsules given by the Custodian. Hitting Tal'Ratha into the mouth will cause a guaranteed stun every time, and also inflict a debuff that disables his psionic orbs for the rest of that attempt, even when empowered with ambit ember.

Rewards[edit | edit source]