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“Lifetimes have I waited. Now, I can rest knowing that everything left of my people is preserved for eternity (...) I have created an ark to preserve what is left of the Drzyr. Though all of N'Erud will cease, my ark will endure, and these sparks will join the consciousness of countless others within (...) Yet I did not foresee you—or perhaps I chose not to. I would invite you to the ark, small one. You will be a welcome addition to eternity.”
—Tal'Ratha, about himself
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Behavior[edit | edit source]

Within his mindscape, Tal'Ratha employs teleportation to become surprisingly mobile. At range, he may shift close to the Traveler, immediately chaining into a left-right combo while still obscured by the portal bubble.

Attempting to circle around him while in close range will earn the Traveler a gut thrust, knocking them over. Actually getting behind him is punished by a wide turn swing. At medium range he can leap into the air, slamming his fist into the ground and causing a shockwave across the entire arena.

To get himself some space, Tal'Ratha may regurgitate his past meals, forcefully pushing back the Traveler in the midst of projectile barrage.

Alternatively Tal'Ratha may summon an energy ring, before leaping into a portal. The ring will shrink inwards after a short delay. Tal'Ratha will reappear at a distance, slamming his fist into the ground, causing a second shockwave, outwards this time.

Dropping low to the ground is followed by a frenzied charge at the Traveler. Once past the Traveler Tal'Ratha will disappear into a portal, before reappearing from a different angle. This will repeat a few times, culminating in a shockwave slam at a distance on the third teleport.

At long ranges, he may hurl a projectile toward the Traveler. This will often occur after the shockwave slam after the inverse shockwave or the charge.

Fight Progression[edit | edit source]

At 90% Tal'Ratha will begin to chain two energy projectiles together.

After being brought down to 65% remaining health, he may occasionally teleport into the center of the arena, emitting a non-damaging shockwave that pushes the Traveler onto its edges.e He will call down four waves of projectiles which spiral outwards from him, alternating between clockwise and counter-clockwise. To finish the attack, he will rear up and slam down his fists, pulling down a final hail of projectiles onto the entire arena at once.

At 50%, his melee combo is extended by one additional attack, adding a final fist slam.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • His turn swing appears to ignore damage reduction, dealing massive damage to a highly armored Traveler even on Survivor difficulty.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Above his arena, several globes are placed in the air. They can be destroyed to sometimes gain ammunition, they stay destroyed on additional attempts.