Stone-carved Doll/Second

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Stone-carved Doll
Quest Item
Stone-carved Doll (outside).png
One can almost make out the form of a woman, beautiful and poised, yet... trapped somehow—her arms pinned to her sides.
Ms. Morrow had no choice in her career. She came from the kind of family that cares more about status than progeny. She might have wanted to be a musician or an artist, but it would've meant betraying those what raised her.”
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Acquisition[edit | edit source]

  • Losomn, Morrow Parish. Found in courtyard in front of the Morrow Sanatorium, near the groundskeeper's shed.
  • Return all three to hear the clue to opening Dr. Morrow's safe in her office. Two shiny copper teeth removed from nine discarded combs, and seven yellowed leaves excised from one forgotten tome.