Spirit Flute

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Spirit Flute
Spirit Flute
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A pan[sic] flute that has been restored to its former glory. Three brilliant stones pulse with a power that is palpable before you even place your lips to the mouthpiece. When you hold it, you can feel rather than hear a distant song come alive within your very bones, and your heart quickens to the beat.
“A sister of the forest, and one of the water. A cursed sister of stone. I have heard tale of three such spirits, yet no fable escapes my ear. Quietly, secretly, there are whispers of a fourth, forgotten sister... Who is she? What became of her? For now, that remains another secret that belongs to kin-mother Yaesha alone.”

Uses[edit | edit source]

Acquisition[edit | edit source]

Unlocking the Invoker and Disciple set
  1. First, follow the main storyline progression in Ancient Canopy until you've lowered a large stone stairwell.
  2. Make your toward the stairwell, and descend down to the ground level.
  3. Once there, look for a doorway leading to a room filled with quicksand and surrounded with arrow traps.
  4. Across the room will be the Invoker's set, however, in the room itself, there are two deactivated arrow traps and two swirling, sparkling piles of quicksand within the pit.
  5. Optional: Grab the Disciple set
  6. Stand in one of the swirling piles and wait, slowly, for the quicksand to consume you. This should take exactly five minutes.
  7. Loot the Old Flute in the chamber you've now appeared in.
  8. Head to Wallace in Ward 13 to craft the flute into a Spirit Flute. You have now unlocked Invoker!