Root Grenadier

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Root Grenadier
Root Grenadier
  • Damage25
  • Health775
  • icon10
  • icon-10
  • icon0
  • icon-10

Root Grenadiers are large Root constructs that fight from afar, blanketing the battle field in choking spore clouds.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Root Grenadiers bombard their foes with projectiles of explosive ROOT ROT. Projectiles that miss may linger for a moment before detonating.
They can fire three shots per salvo, and need to reload after 6.

At close range they can either swing their enourmous gun, or do a kick attack that knocks the Traveler over. Afterwards they may leap back to establish distance again.

Their weapon resists any damage.

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Remnant 2 - Root Granadier by Gunfire Games