Regurgitated Spiny Sac

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Regurgitated Spiny Sac
Crafting Material
Regurgitated Spiny Sac
It looks like a regurgitated piece of deadwood. Probably because that’s what it is. Those thorns couldn’t have felt too good in that giant bird’s stomach. In any case, there must be some practical use for something so sturdy and nasty.
“All things have their place in the natural order of the world, and the kuri kuri bird is a testament to this truth. Its nest, crafted from the corpses of creatures that strike fear in most, is a solemn reminder that no matter the power one may possess, it can never be enough.”

Uses[edit | edit source]

Acquisition[edit | edit source]

  • Yaesha, Ancient Canopy
    • Approach the Kuri Kuri Egg in Glittering Grotto but do not pick it up, when you reach Luminous Vale, listen out for the sound of a bird call, then return to the Kuri Kuri nest to find an adult bird, who will promptly throw up the Regurgitated Spiny Sac.