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The Red Prince is a Half Fae and half divine, the son of—and self-proclaimed heir to—The One True King. Exiled by his father, he now waits on his throne in the Gilded Chambers.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Defying him, failing to show proper tribute, or wearing his crown in his presence causes him to initiate combat.

In battle, the Red Prince combines the agile melee attacks of Golden Knights with the magics of Shaed Knights.

  • One of his attacks is a teleporting strike towards the Traveler.
  • Shares the three hit combo of normal Fae Knights, but can also independently do the third strike, or the first and second.
  • When he senses a target behind him he will spin his sword around himself while turning.
  • From afar he will launch burning magic projectiles.
  • Can summon flaming daggers, which he launches in a cone in front of himself. Daggers embedded in the terrain can also be recalled by him.

All of his direct attacks inflict both CURSE and BURNING.

Fight Progression[edit | edit source]

Once at 95% health, he will gain the ability to create a duplicate while disengaging with a teleport. The duplicate will split of his intangible form and land at a separate location.
He can have up to 2 duplicates on the field at once.

Once his health has been depleted down to 65%, he will periodically summon a storm of fire, killing all active duplicates. The storm will shrink inwards from the edge of the arena, until only the central platform is traversible. Failing to keep inside the circle will kill the Traveler, bypassing the downed state and any type of revive.
The Red Prince will teleport into the ring, and begin an extended sequence of using only melee attacks, before retreating into the flames again. He will enter the ring three times over the course of roughly 1 minute, before the storm dissipates.

At 50% health, his summon ability will create 2 duplicates at once, while also raising the maximum of active duplicates to 3.

The 40% health threshold sees the final change to his abilities. His flaming daggers will now be cast in a circle around himself, with a slightly slower animation.

Dealing the final blow with the Assassin's Dagger also rewards the Crown of the Red Prince.

Showing Tribute[edit | edit source]

The boss fight can be skipped by defeating Golden Fae Knights in the Gilded Chambers and giving at least three of the Crimson King Coins to the Red Prince when he asks for tribute. He will nonetheless kill you in a cutscene, but when returning the Traveler will find the throne room empty and the Bloody Steel Splinter in their inventory.

In the One True King storyline this is required to collect the Crimson Guard armor.

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Rewards[edit | edit source]