Purified Salve

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Purified Salve
Purified Salve
Cures CURSE and increases Blight Resistance by 25. Lasts 10m.
A sweet-smelling balm, thick and creamy. Even a small dollop spreads a cool tingle deep into the skin, suffusing the entire body within seconds.
“The Red Prince attempted a coup once before, training his knights in the art of malediction. The One True King concocted a balm to counteract this evil, but there is no balm for the pain of one abandoned.”

Purified Salve is a curative in Remnant 2 that removes curse and increases blight resistance for a brief period.

Acquisition[edit | edit source]

  • Purchased from Dr. Norah for 100 after at least one has been found.
  • Can be found in loot containers throughout Losomn.