Lore: Precept Surus, Log 02

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“What are my thoughts on Alepsis-Taura? Magister, I have little time for these idle musings. Our jump is imminent. The countdown is already underway.”

“Very well. Very well.”

“Yes, yes, I'm aware, Magister. I will state my name for the record.”

“Precept Surus, Seeker Primis, House Al'Maruun.”

“You will of course edit out our banter before entering this on the record?”


“I will repeat it then.”

“Precept Surus, Seeker Primis, House Al'Maruun.”

“Alepsis-Taura—the very jaws of creation—looms just beyond our grasp. There can be no scientific explanation for what it is we KNOW to be true.”

“That the answer we seek rest inside that black star.”

“Tal'Ratha warned us. That doom awaits within. But every fiber of my being knows that we must make this jump.”

“His great wisdom is a loss for sure, but the Astropaths from the remaining Houses assure me they can jump the ship without his aide.”

“Preparations are complete. Each of the houses have sought refuge within the stasis chambers.”

“A precaution against potential exposure, though the Custodian assures us the shielding of N'Erud will be sufficient. The other Seekers have retreated to their stasis chambers.”

“Only I and Seeker Maxim will remain to oversee the journey.”

<Speak up, Maxim. I can hardly hear you?>

<The Guardian? No. The Aspostechs have already secured his harness and prepared him for the jump.>

<No. No. We can't delay. The countdown has already begun. Prepare yourself.>

“Are you still recording this? Shut this off.”