Lore: Tal'Ratha, Log 01

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“Today marks our twenty-thousandth year.”

“One score millenia since we began scouring the stars in search of life. Hope. Connection.”

“If the Drzyr are ever snuffed out of existance, there will be nothing of the universe left to witness itself—such is our fear.”

“We will find life, foster it if necessary, commune with it if possible.”

“Yet twenty thousand years into our quest, we have not uncovered a single living cell that is not of our home world.”

“I blame myself. As Primis Astropath, it falls to me to guide our search.”

“If there truly is nothing to be found, then there is no blame to be applied, but even so, I feel the weight of my burden deeply.”

“Yet I sit with my hope.”

“None understand the expanse of the universe more intimately than the Astropaths- we who can see the stellar currents as they stretch from one galactic horizon to the next.”

“Numerous though we may be, the Drzyr are but a single mote in a vast ocean.”

“If even one other such mote exists, it will take a great deal of time to find.”

“And for the purposes of this endeavor, time is our friend.”