Lore: Spiced Plums Recipe

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5 wicks of cured gnorrbear meat, sliced into thin strips
½ cask of pressed sweetleaf syrup
10 golden plums
1 cask of water
⅓ wick of the Crystal

Step 1: In a dark, secure location, place the Crystal into the water and let sit from sunset to sunset. Be careful that no light escapes the location you have chosen! Else the Ahanae will descend upon you and arrest your entire household. (You are likely aware of this if you have acquired the Crystal in the first place. The Ahanae will use us to harvest but let us have none of the fruits!)

Step 2: Slice the plums lengthwise into thin coins.

Step 3: In a deep pot, alternately layer plums, gnorrbear meat, and syrup. Pour in some of the Crystal-infused water with each layer (being very careful not to let the water touch your skin!). Continue until all ingredients have been used.

Step 4: Cover and cook over a low flame until sunrise. And don’t worry. Heat and time will reduce the water’s causticity, leaving only a pleasant piquancy.

Step 5: Do not serve when the Ahanae are near.