Lore: Sewer Dran's Journal

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Curse the Fae! They just showed up outta nowhere and started terrorizing us. Ruthless parasites. They feed on us as though we’re nothing, and worse, they did something to our minds. It’s finally starting to shake off, but I’m still so foggy. They must be stopped. Maybe we’ll be safe here in the sewers, minding our own business.

Those parasites are standing guard at the top of the sewer. Won’t let anyone leave the castle, or down they tumble. And they mean to keep us here too. We’re not to leave. As though we’d want to. But the idea of being trapped doesn’t sit well. Only a matter of time before things go from bad to worse.

The bodies are piling up. Traitors, they say. Thrown from above, down here to our pit. The smell is indescribable.

11 new corpses today alone. I can still hear their screams when I close my eyes. And the Fae are starting to feed, secretly so as not to upset the king. He always finds out, and they pay the price, but how many more of us will suffer before this ends?

Enough is enough. I’m going to get out of here or die trying.