Lore: Precept Surus, Log 01

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“We are but stardust. Even I—Precept Surus, Seeker Primus of the House Al'Maruun—am made of the same substance that breathes stars and shapes planets.”

“There is no difference between the Drzyr and a comet or gas nebula save for one thing: we know.”

“For a thousand millennia, we have sought others like ourselves—stardust that knows.”

“How wasteful this was... how selfish our quest, to fear that we needed connection.”

“As we wander in the dark, the dark itself grew deeper, the very stars shuttering in our vainglorious quest.”

“Only at the end do we see the truth.”

“There is chaos in truth, ruin in clarity.”

“Here at the seat of creation, we see the eyes of the Creator, hear her call, and are thus unraveled.”

“She waits. We squandered what was most precious and sow the curse we cultivated.”

“Now, we descend into darkness to bare our souls to the endless.”

“There can be no other path.”

“Because we know.”