Lore: Morrow Parish Sanatorium Patient Charts

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Patient #206

Delusions and chronic mania. Talks of “monsters and demons.” Fashions tools to vanquish them.

Suggested regimen:
- Therapy group twice per week
- 50mm Dorzopion each morning
- Restricted access to game equipment
- Do not mention “evil” or “quests” while door is open
- Prep 100mm Oxaprodol Alprapine in case of manic episodes

Patient #199

Acute Delusional Disorder. Typically withdrawn but subject to mild hysteria and fits.

Suggested regimen:
- 25mm Oxaprodol Alprapine at breakfast and dinner
- Search for sharp objects in her possession before attempt to move her

Patient #183

Catatonic. Requires daily feeding.

Suggested regimen:
- 100mm Pentostrel daily
- 10mm Trililamin with every meal
- tElectroshock therapy once a week
- tMonitor and record observations every six hours or every hour after electroshocks.