Lore: Living Stone Note

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The Laemir are fools. Their minds like stone—unmoving. They are no better than the old Vaunnts. Were it not for the empress' favor, I would have been cast out—or worse.

All Pan know of the Eafir, the song of the world. But I tell you there is a far greater song, one that hums in the space between places.

This song has power not unlike the maggicks of the Laemir, but whereas the Laemir's tricks are pure spectacle, a borrowed power from the glowing stones—THIS maggick is unbound. The very maggick of making.

The power to give life to the lifeless! Who would forsake that? Not to re-bind the flesh of those who once lived—not the tricks of the Laemir—but true life to that which never was.

I will demonstrate their folly in a grand spectacle. To this, the Laemir will have no rebuttal, only painful acceptance.