Lore: Lighthouse Journal

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I’ve been hearing too many ghost stories lately. Makes it hard to sleep. Some foolish fishermen and workers go missing and suddenly the whispers start. Everyone will see what’s what when they show back up eventually. A sea witch of all things. Ridiculous.

I’ll admit, I’ve become obsessed. There’s more to that witch fable than I knew. I thought it was just a story to scare the young ones, but turns out tales of the Sunken Witch have been around forever. I grew up in this wretched lighthouse, and I never saw anything. Still, what if she’s real?

A scratchy, mocking voice, unused to the dry air on land. A giant anchor she uses to gut her prey. And a menacing laugh in the distance, right before she strikes. The stories are all the same. What if she’s here?

I saw her. On the shore. It was her! This is too dangerous. I’m moving inland if it’s the last thing I do. This lighthouse can fall to ruin for all I care.