Lore: Leto's Journal

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Our situation has deteriorated further still. The Root have systematically overtaken our planet. Although most lines of communication are down, it is evident that the world as we knew it has been destroyed.

The purpose of science is to illuminate, yet its misuse has brought us to the brink of devastation. It is a dark time indeed.
- Dr. Leto Apostolakis

I question whether it is possible to prevail over the Root. They act with the mindless cohesion of insects and the ruthless efficiency of a machine. Next to them, humans are merely fragile lumps of carbon.

Still, we have our ingenuity. Our resourcefulness. We must use these distinctly human traits to stem the damage that has been wrought upon humanity.
To that end, I am developing a new prototype. Upgraded armor to aid in our fight. My last attempt was little more than a proof of concept utilizing whatever scraps of metal I could find, but I have spent a fair amount of time and effort compiling the necessary materials to do the idea justice this time.
- Dr. Leto Apostolakis

We have made a fascinating discovery. An annular structure that is clearly not manmade. I have a hunch that it is related to the red crystals. Whatever it is, it appears to be inactive, but more tests are necessary.

I am packing up this structure along with my armor and sending it along to the scientists at Ward 13. Procuring a cargo ship at this time is difficult to say the least, but I have made the necessary arrangements. They should have access to my notes, and I will join them there shortly to begin our experimentations. I have some preliminary ideas, but I will require help with this undertaking.

I exhausted all of my resources for the 2.0 prototype of my armor. It turned out well, but there are certainly areas for improvement. The current iteration’s mobility leaves much to be desired.
- Dr. Leto Apostolakis