Lore: Hidden Maze Journal

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13th Day of Kolkesh, 5th Season of Light

Success! I have spent days searching the Librarium’s records—as far back as seventy generations. They confirm the map’s authenticity. The temple was built by Ezal’Ket-Rahman, progenitor of the famed Rahman fortune. If the treasure exists at all, I am certain it is there.

It has taken me so long to reach this point. Perhaps I am being overly cautious in my research, but I must be sure. With the risks I am about to undertake...

So, I must copy the map in secret. None can know what I intend, and the curator watches everything...

15th Kolkesh

Interesting. The curator is not as much of a problem as I feared. It turns out he is easily befriended and has a soft spot for crystal-spiced plums. So, he will eat well tonight whilst I “study.”

16th Kolkesh

Here it is. The Rahman Temple is comprised of two wings, one of which will require a second pair of hands to explore. I’ll need someone I can trust implicitly, someone who cannot use, or at least does not realize, the value of what I seek. So none of the nobility then.

Each temple wing contains a variety of elaborate chambers, the walls of which are bracketed with some sort of slide weights. I have found a codex that details the mechanism controlling the weights, but I still do not fully understand their purpose. Some sort of security measure, perhaps? I shall need to experiment carefully.

Another reason to bring along an assistant.

21st Jinaum, 5th of Light

After many tendays of preparations, we are ready to leave. I have enlisted Moso to aid me, though he has not received full disclosure about the goal of our expedition. He believes I seek relics for academic study. He has no idea of the value of the Rahman fortune and so readily accepted a pittance as his fee.

I can trust Moso. The Gul has served my tribe for a generation. He is dimwitted but strong—useful to carry provisions and guard against the dangers of the jungle. He also makes an excellent shadeleaf tea.

We leave at first light and must travel well into the next season. Even so, I am too anxious to rest. What lies ahead is too exciting.

3rd Edhelvus, 5th of Light

I have not had time to document our journey. The jungle is more dangerous than I knew! I had thought the Wrin to be of a kin with the Pan, but they protect their territory fiercely. Perhaps I should have researched the jungles as much as the temple itself.

Moso has proved his worth time and time again. I shall have to consider increasing his pay at the end of this.

1st Day of Landing, 6th Season of Light

A new season dawns. Moso and I celebrated in as we were able, though it is strange to be so distant from the tribe at this time. Moso’s tea, at least, is a welcome reminder of home.

We are close to our goal however—mere days away.

7th Landing

I have caught something from the cold, suffering fever and chills for an entire day now. It has made travel difficult.

But we have arrived. With the knowledge I acquired from the Librarium, I was able to find the secret door and the mechanism that opens it. I dare not brave the temple in my current state, however. I have asked Moso to build a fire so that we might rest before attempting to breach the temple’s defenses. Tomorrow. Tomorrow, we discover history.

8th Landing

That treacherous Gul! When I woke this morning, Moso was gone, along with most of my notes. No doubt he thinks to rob me of my prize, slinking into the temple before me. But my notes are not easily deciphered, and he left behind the most important ones, the fool. Without my mind to guide him past the temple’s secrets, Moso’s fate is sealed.

Unfortunately, my condition worsens. So tired. So cold. Never have I felt sickness such as this.

Unless... could Moso have poisoned me? No, he is not so clever or treacherous. It cannot be. I will rest, then one way or another, I will find him inside.

9th Landing

Curse everything, it was the Curator! I found evidence of correspondence—instructions!—in the campfire’s ashes. Moso made a deal with him, damn it.
I must rest. Must regain my strength. I cannot let him win.