Lore: Fishing Log

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Vura 29 – rainy
Parish Perch, 3
Clams, 4

Where did all the fish go?

Rejull 4 – rainy
Lemark Bream, 1

Rain doesn’t stop. Moved the boat further down the coast. Saw something odd beneath the waves. Big.

Rejull 9 – stormy
Splashing near the cove. Length of two, three rowboats. Catch of a lifetime. Others don’t believe me.

Rejull 24 – stormy
Chased her this time. She keeled my boat. Nearly died. But I saw her. She’s beautiful. Scales glinting like diamonds. Teeth long as my arm.

Rejull 29 – stormy
Cornered her in the cove. Gathered up some Dran and harpoons. Won’t be hungry after tomorrow.

Brigill 1 – stormy
She got away. Damns it all. She was there. Right there. At the end of my harpoon. But I couldn’t throw. I couldn’t. Why not? Why not.

Her eyes. Black and oily as the depths. But soft. Such softness. She looked at me. We met eyes and I saw. Saw her and she saw me.

Brigill 3 – stormy
Going after her. Alone. She can’t get away. She’s mine. My treasure. My greatest catch. My Diamond o’ the Deep.