Lore: Dran Worker's Journal

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I’ve taken on the night shift. No one else wanted it, but the pay is better. Gotta make a living if I want to impress Eldre. How bad could it be? Work is work, as I always say.

I’m getting along pretty well, but my head’s playing tricks on me. That’s the worst part. Any little noise becomes more terrifying in the dark. I’ll find a way to get by.

This time I know I heard it. Strange noises below the docks. Chanting or something. I was sure those stories were just conjured up to spook us night workers. Maybe it’s a prank. Yeah, that’s it. I wonder what’s going on down there. If I find out, I’ll be a hero. Then maybe she’ll notice me.

I’m doing it. I’m bringing something sharp and tonight I’m going to get to the bottom of all that racket. Maybe I’ll even get a better wage outta this. I ain’t afraid of a fight, and I can hold my own, so what’s the worst that could happen?