Lore: Dran Ritualist Manifesto

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Who even was I before I entreated the darkness to slip its soothing tendrils into my mind? I was miserable and decrepit—weak!—like every other Dran. But I am nothing like them anymore, and reminiscing is for sweet-eyed urchins.

The hag has begun the ritual, and soon the dark sorcery will be mine to command. I will curse this wretched world twice-over. Every agony I have suffered, every torment I have swallowed... How long I have ached for this decadent night of reckoning!

I only wish I could witness the ritual in all its glorious, gut-warming entirety. To hear the final verse sung from those ancient, withered lips. But other preparations must be made. When the exalted king rises and the last of the Dran succumb, only dear, darling darkness will remain.